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Sara Perteghella PhD - Scientific Advisor

Co-founder of Pharma Exceed, Dr. Perteghella is a talented researcher who, in the past years, has focused her academic research at the Cell Delivery System Lab of University of Pavia on developing an innovative process for isolating and lyophilizing extracellular vesicles in biological fluids, together with Professor Torre's team. 

Dr. Perteghella is a postdoctoral researcher Teaching  Assistant at the Department of Drug Sciences of University of Pavia. Born in Milan (Italy), 23/04/1985, graduated in July 2011 in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technologies, University of Pavia discussing a thesis on “Anti-aging properties of silk sericin extracts from different strains of Bombyx mori”. In December of the same year, she was awarded her qualification to practice the profession of pharmacist at the University of Pavia. In February 2015 she received her PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technologies, University of Pavia discussing the thesis: Technologies for the encapsulation of semen of livestock species. In the same year she has been appointed as Cultore della materia, Disciplinary sector CHIM/09 at Pavia University. She was a postdoctoral fellow and a research associate at the Department of Drug Sciences of University of Pavia. Here, since 2011, Sara perteghella was Teaching  Assistant of Analytical chemistry and Pharmaceutical technology and law. In 2014 she became  charter member of Italian Scientific Society on Mesenchymal Stem Cells (GISM - Gruppo Italiano Staminali Mesenchimali. In 2015 she was Invited speaker to an international conference (8th International Conference on Boar Semen Preservation, University of Illinois, Champaign, August 9-12).

Dr. Perteghella is active member of the Academic Council of Drug Sciences Department: from 2012 to 2014 as representative of PhD students and from 2016 as representative of Post-doctoral researchers.


In the following are listed the Grants received for her projects:

2011-2012 - “Reproduction, wellness, longevity – RIPROWEL - Microsem”, Project Coordinator: Italian Research Institute "Lazzaro Spallanzani"; Subcontractor: Prof. M.L. Torre, Drug Sciences Dept.

2011-2013 - “FIBROSPHERE - Silk fibroin microsphere for bedsores effective treatment” EUROSTARS 2009, Eurostars project application E!5227. Unit Coordinator: Prof. M.L. Torre, Drug Sciences Dept.

2013-2015 - “FIBROPAN, Fibroin scaffolds for the transplantation of pancreatic islets to treat diabetes pathologies”. Cariplo Foundation, Project Id. 2012-0878. Unit Coordinator: Prof. M.L. Torre, Drug Sciences Dept.

2014-2016 - “STEMDELIVERY, Alginate and fibroin scaffolds for adipose derived mesenchymal stromal cells delivery and targeting for degenerative pathologies therapy”.  Regione Lombardia - Cariplo Foundation, Project Id. 42617604. Unit Coordinator: Prof. M.L. Torre, Drug Sciences Dept.

2015-2017, “MICROFLOWER - Characterization of high-biological value microalgae and model-based optimization of growth to upgrade the floristic facilities” Project Id. 2014-0601, Cariplo Foundation. Project Coordinator: Dr. K. Parati, Italian Research Institute "Lazzaro Spallanzani"; Unit Coordinator: Dr. T.Chlapanidas, Drug Sciences Dept.

Her research activities, as documented by peer-reviewed publications and scientific communications, are mainly focused in three areas of interest: development of silk proteins-based microparticles for drug delivery; cell encapsulation for veterinary and regenerative medicine applications; development of fibroin-based scaffolds for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine, focusing on mesenchymal stromal cell applications; nanomedicine, focusing on the use of stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles as innovative drug delivery systems.


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