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PharmaExceed S.r.l. is a biotechnology company that develops exosome products based on Secretome from mesenchymal cells for research and therapeutic purposes.


In 2011  Maria Luisa Torre PhD, Professor at the Cell Delivery System Lab of University of Pavia, and her team has developed an innovative process for isolating and lyophilizing extracellular vesicles in biological fluids. This process allows to obtain a powder product, called Lyosecretome, containing microvesicles and/or exosomes acting as vehicle of nanoparticles loaded with one or more biologically-active substances.


Exosome-based therapies are creating new scenarios in biotechnology. Due to their extensive therapeutic and scientific use, exosomes have the potential to become the next biotechnological turning point since they have shown efficacy comparable to those based on stem cells but with better pharmacological properties. To date, several research studies investigate mesenchymal cells exosome as a new approach to regenerative medicine therapies for the treatment of various acute, chronic and degenerative pathologies of inflammatory and immune nature, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological, digestive, tegumentary, respiratory and genito-urinary.


Established in October 2017, the company was founded as a spin-off of University of Pavia. PharmaExceed’s mission is to transfer such innovative products to medical research by exploiting the potential of a-cellular solutions based on secretome from mesenchymal cells, even in combination with biomaterials (such as fibroin silk and alginate). Lyosecretome is a  product that will allow researchers to experiment  with exosome-based biotherapeutics

 in a standardized, affordable and much simpler way.

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