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Embryonic Stem Cells


PHARMAEXCEED - the start up company on the forefront of the cell therapy.

We are a group of Scientists, Doctors and Engineers that wanted to address specific needs to overcome some of the challenges related with Stem Cells, Exosomes and their storage, preservation and applications.


Exosome-based therapies are creating new scenarios in biotechnology and have the potential to become the next turning point since they have shown efficacy comparable to those based on stem cells but with better pharmacological properties.


Obtaining a powder that could exploit the potential of

a-cellular solutions based on Secretome from mesenchymal cells, even in combination with biomaterials  would be the ideal solution for research labs and doctors who want to use new approaches to regenerative medicine therapies, spanning from cardiovascular to neurological, from tegumentary to respiratory.


Now this product exists!

An innovative process for isolating and lyophilizing extracellular vesicles in biological fluids has been invented, tested and patented (Italian Patent n.102016000109148, PCT/IB2017/056591).  

This process allows to create a powder product, called Lyosecretome, containing microvesicles and / or exosomes acting as vehicle of nanoparticles loaded with one or more biologically-active substances.


Welcome to the new era of Lyosecretome, the powder of cells.


PHARMAEXCEED - a spin off promoted by the University of Pavia

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